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I am an anthropologist and data analyst. My doctorate is in anthropology. I have spent years in academics teaching at minority serving institutions and serving as a research associate. I love working with data, looking for patterns, digging into why those patterns exist, and what drives human behavior.

I have a wide array of skills including teaching, GIS, database development, grant writing, editing, quantitative and qualitative research, and data analysis.

My hobbies include crafting, video games, ironically watching bad movies, audio books, and board games. I live in Texas with my partner and three fur babies.

Featured Data Projects

Archaeology Presentations

Postmarital Residence Patterns of Late Archaic Hunter-Gatherers from the Loma Sandia (41LK28) Mortuary Site, Live Oak County, Texas: An Analysis using 87Sr/86Sr

Archaeologists researching hunter-gatherers in the Texas Coastal Plains (TCP) & Central Texas have noted differences between sexes in δ 13 C and δ 15 N studies.
These differences maybe be due to patrilocality. This study utilizes strontium ratio isotopes (87Sr/86Sr) analysis to evaluate postmarital residence patterns in the TCP Late Archaic by comparing male and female 87Sr/86Sr from Loma Sandia (41LK28), a Late Archaic mortuary site in the TCP. If patrilocality is present, male Sr values will be similar to local Sr values, while female Sr values will be heterogenous by comparison.
Photo by Jim Fawns on Pexels

Late Holocene Climate Change and the Emergence of Hunter-Gatherer Territoriality in the Late Texas Coastal Plains: An Analysis using Bioavailable 87Sr/86Sr

This poster presents the preliminary analyses of data used to assess territoriality in the Texas Coastal Plains by comparing Late Archaic human 87Sr/86Sr to bioavailable 87Sr/86Sr obtained from modern fauna. The results will help determine if 87Sr/86Sr is a useful tool for the study of emergent hunter-gatherer territoriality during the context of Late Holocene climate and cultural changes

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